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Social Investment Trading
with Christoffer Persson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Stock Republic

[FH]: What is the biggest difference between your network and other social investment platforms?

[CP]: The biggest difference is that our platform is built to empower the traditional banks, rather than compete, such as with neobanks and other social investment platforms. We offer it both as stand-alone modules (by API integrations) or the whole platform with full functionality – as white label apps for Android, iOS and web. Everything in real-time and completely anonymous (if you want).

[FH]: How do you think social trading will impact the way people manage their investments?

[CP]: The ability to make great investments comes with a like-minded network, inspiration and data. With social investment/trading, investors are given the possibility to be inspired and see other portfolios, how they are diversified and also how they react to happenings on the market. It also opens up the possibility to extend networks for investors by interacting with other profiles and creating new bonds. And not to forget, the gamification part of it, competing with friends and family, is of course something that triggers better performance. And for some platforms, such as StockRepublic, also more sustainable investments.

[FH]: Why do you think fostering the relationship between corporations, banks and startups through associations is so important?

[CP]: As a FinTech company, it’s about understanding the role in the ecosystem – like in all other industries nowadays. But, to take the role of maintaining relations, open doors and create new possibilities is something that often has a secondary priority – especially for startups due to the time consumption. Therefore, there is a need for a central function and moderator whose responsibility is to do these things – giving corporations, banks and startups peace of mind and time to focus on their core business.

[FH]: What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get into StockRepublic? What are you looking for in a colleague?

[CP]: A colleague of our team must be an open-minded, self-going and innovative person. The biggest advice I can give is simply to reach out and tell us how we can improve our platform.

[FH]: What advice would you give to someone who is entering the fintech market now, with their startup?

[CP]: If you are entering the fintech market you must talk to other FinTech companies, understand their pain points, their challenges – this is your potential niche. Read yearly Fintech reports and understand the ecosystem/the market. And of course, network as much as you can.

Christoffer Persson


Stock Republic

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