Rede Nacional de Incubadoras

What is Rede Nacional de Incubadoras' purpose?

RNI aims to identify, map and connect the incubators and accelerators existing in the country, created at the initiative of universities, scientific and technological centers, municipalities, private companies or foreign entities. 

It also aims to identify and fill gaps at regional and sectoral level and to promote cooperation and sharing of physical resources and know-how, networks of mentors and investors, to promote the training of their managers, the professionalization of the services offered to entrepreneurs and incubated companies. and an increase in the competitiveness of Portuguese incubators, nationally and internationally.

The intention is thus to place incubators and accelerators in a central role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

What is the SI2E program?

SI2E aims to encourage the emergence of business initiatives and job creation in low-density territories and thereby promote the country's economic and social development and cohesion. It does not apply exclusively to low-density territories, SI2E favors investments made in them through specific increases and, above all, creates conditions for greater business dynamics by adjusting project types to the real conditions of micro and small companies in the interior.

SI2E will be managed by: Local Action Groups (GAL), when the incentives result from Community Based Local Development strategies (DLBC) or by Intermunicipal Communities (CIM) or Metropolitan Areas (AM), when they result from the completion of the Pacts for Territorial Development and Cohesion.

What is the Empreende Já program?

The Empreende Já program - Business Perception and Management Network (EJÁ) was created and regulated under the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 104/2013, of December 31, which approved the National Plan for the Implementation of a Guarantee for the Youth (PNI-GJ), Ordinance No. 308/2015, of 25 September and Regulation No. 467-A / 2017 of 25 August

Some of the goals of this program are: Promote an entrepreneurial culture centered on creativity and innovation by supporting the development of projects aimed at the creation of companies or social economy entities; Support the training of NEET young people through training, increasing their levels of employability; Support the establishment of companies or social economy entities; Support job creation by and for NEET young people.

What is the Vale Incubação program?

Vale Incubação aims to provide support for simplified projects of companies with less than one year in the area of entrepreneurship, through the contracting of incubation services provided by incubators from previously accredited companies.

Eligibility criteria for Vale Incubation beneficiaries (in addition to the general ones):

Not having projects approved in the investment priorities related to the SME; Productive Innovation area; Correspond to a company created less than 1 year ago.

What is the Semente Program program?

The Semente Program aims to support individual investors who are interested in entering the social capital of innovative startups. It creates a more favorable tax regime for them and favors the creation and growth of entrepreneurial and innovation business projects.

All innovative companies with high growth potential that obtain the SME certification issued by IAPMEI and that are certified by the National Incubator Network as Startup Seed are eligible to receive these investments. These companies cannot be listed on a regulated or unregulated stock exchange market.

Through this program, investors can obtain tax deductions of up to 25% of the investment made and up to a maximum of 40% of the collection in their annual IRS, during a period of 3 successive years.

What are the other institutions that are part of the network?

Our network includes Fidelidade, Morais Leitao, BBVA, Visa, Accenture among others.

If I am a foreign company, can I participate?

It depends on the program you are applying for. We suggest to contact us at info@thefintechhouse.com to evaluate your specific case.

Does it take equity from my company?

No, it doesn’t. Nor The Fintech House nor any program coming from the RNI will take equity from your company.

I have a project in the “Idea stage”, am I eligible?

Yes you are! At this point, both the Startup Voucher and Vale incubação can be beneficial to your project.

I already had investment, can I benefit from RNI?

Of course! Additionally you can check out the Semente Program, made to benefit the investors.

Who should I talk to?

You can reach out to info@thefintechhouse.com for any query.

How do I join the community?

The Fintech House would love you to be part of our ecosystem and to benefit from it. All you have to do is fill in the following form and we will get back to you with the next steps, as well as to chat about a fit for your company and The Fintech House.


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